I dream my painting and then I paint my dream

The above quote sounds beautiful when said. It definitely has a depth to it.

We all are born dreamers with lots of ambitions, goals, which change as we grow; some by situations, requirements, resources, and some we just give up; some we achieve and some we just cant afford and lose grip on them.

What is the foundation of a dream or can I say goal in life? What drives that instinct in someone’s life that makes one to work hard or the thought of that brings smile and positiveness or it can be vice versa that on not achieving so-called goal can break one. Is it a motivation? An inspiration? Purely the need to be in a safe place because of struggles in the past? Or simply the passion?

I grab my coffee mug, sit near window, watching out in blue, with mild breeze passing by me, think daily about my dreams and ambitions, my goals and acheivements, and lot of other things in day to day lives.

Now a days everything has been standardized by materialistic things. People are more like if so and so is earning this and this, I must earn a penny more. If so and so has brought a house, I must buy a bigger house. If so and so has this, I must have more than that.

One’s goal in life is influenced by someone else’s achievements. The thinking to be the most talked about and the want to live more and more luxurious life has made people to put themselves on race unknowingly to do more and more and thrive for more and more, taking away the minimum peace that’s left in busy lives.

I observe people in gatherings and other ocassions. Certain of them would talk and converse only with others depending upon their status (this deos not imply to all). Women are often found flaunting their jwellery; the more the jwellery, the more the people will be buzzing around you. (I am making it clear of not being judgemental, it is just my general observation).

Even in education, earlier people used to study because they wanted to irrespective of what job will be offered and how much pay they will be paid. Yes, I agree education should always be planned based onk what you want to do further and where you want to be placed career wise, which is the fact; but what I am trying to convey is where is the quality of good education? (*Good* according to me is the content, not how much costly the course is and how much prosperous the university or organization is). It has become more of job oriented education than knowledge.

Even if you are a post graduate or a doctorate, there is still some or the other thing that you need to acquire according to particular norm to get the job. The so-called urbanization and monetization, which led to so many MNCs, where you may be paid well, but at the cost of your own health (frequent night shifts and shift changes against biological clock).

Your degree or academics has nothing to do with if you accept and agree the terms of particular company and okay to work as long as you can according to them. It may not be the case everywhere, but almost its the pattern. On top of these, other influential factors which decide if you are eligible for your core job or not, despite being qualified in core field. Here, the jobs available are making you to decide what to study, not the study which can place you better. Sadly, people are opting more of software and other techical studies, science related courses have less craze because of lack of jobs and most importantly difficulty of placement and growth.

Where is the peace and quality of life? I feel no where now a days. Increasing costs and needs have made people to work like machines. They work until they exhaust and pass the same legacy to their kids. Since the young age, kids are burdened with loads of expectations and bundle of courses, books, tutions, study hours. I hardly see any kid playing out in ground, getting dirty :-), running around, exploring environment (the kind of childhood I have spent). Rather you would see them grabbing a gadget or a mobile and playing when they are free rather than talking to others, playing with other kids, cycling, running, or other plays.


My half filled coffee mug always makes me realize the quality of my life and goals I need to achieve, which have nothing to do with others lives; and if influenced, influenced in a good and positive way.

You don’t have run to get something, and ultimately fall and disappoint yourself on not attaining it. Have your own space of expectations and try to acheive them with good mind. Work hard for yourself, not for some false pride. No two have the same life and not everything that looks bright and glittery is gold.

You should have your house even if its tiny because you need to have your space, not because someone else has bigger property. You should have good pay for the security of youself and your family, not because someone else is earning more. You should be ambitious on your terms. You should be freely choosing what you want to study be it just a simple or a complex subject, not because there is no availability of placement. When you work hard and try your level best, you will definitely be in a better place in life.

The quality of your life depends upon your thoughts and the way to lead it is in your own hands. Your coffee mug doesn’t have to be full and foamy; even if its half filled, it should be tasty and make you feel relieved from every sip you take from it.



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